Saturday, February 23, 2008

True Quality of Love

Every human being is expected to be a friend and well wisher of the world. But such feeling of friendship and love is lacking among human today. Just as a honey bee sucks nectar from a flower, so also human should be able to draw the water of happiness even from the well of misery. That is the true quality of love.
True love means sacrifice, means to devote your resources like time, money, efforts and emotions etc., for the service of others, which is "Volunteering". Volunteer is the closest to the God as we know, "Maanava Seva Maadhava Seva" (Sevice to mankind is service to the God). Without Love there is no existence of the world as it is. Service with out love is like a fruit without taste.
Time is the prime basis of existence from birth to death, you deal with time. You deal in time, use time, misuse time, gain through time, the timeless entity. To win timelessness in the short time that you have the "Grace of God", who is above time is essential. Birth is a chance to escape further birth, death must be made the final merging. Live is but another name for the efforts to know the truth. And this "Volunteership" is only a means to that end, what ever work is undertaken, with no eye on the benefit therefrom, with intense selfless love, is means to attain the truth. For service of others removes the attachment to the ego, it also confers joy, joy of the highly satisfying nature.
Now a days the word "Love", became the rolling word among the youth. There will be hardly love remains among those spells. We are becoming the witnessess for the violations on the name of love like killing self or killing other for not accepting ones love. Love means what? is it be locked to one and only person in this universe? Definitely not. Love is as great as the oceans on the earth. It can be shared to all mankind in the universe. It is as like Light shines well with sharing each other.
I am not discouraging the Love among the Youth, but true love should be encouraged. If you are loving somebody means you lost yourself and remained for the other only. Love is God. If you are able to love means you are turning towards the God. It changes your behavior, attitude, style everything softens, blossoms that everybody can recognise. It it not so, means you have to thing once again that you are in love or not.
When heart speaks to heart, it is love that is transmitted.

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